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A better inbox

All your customers conversations from different channels are converted to tickets in one simple inbox. For your customers, its just a familiar email.

Made for teams

Private notes, internal messages help your team work together.

Simple Analytics

Just the key metrics for better insights presented in a clean & exportable format.

Canned Responses

Speed up your workflow by saving answers to frequently asked questions.

Mobile App

iOS and Android apps to help your team monitor tickets on the go. 

Smart Automations

Define rules that make your work easy. From assigning a ticket to a particular team member to changing the status of the ticket or sending an auto responder based on the content of the ticket, there is so much you can automate with just a few clicks. 

Integrated Knowledge

Create a fully searchable, custom branded knowledgebase with ease. Easily share links to appropriate help articles while responding to tickets, using simple shortcuts.

50+ Integrations

Enrich customer data from your CRM or get a notification on Slack whenever you get a new ticket. Plays well with all your favorite apps and makes you more efficient.

Trusted by 4000+ Companies of all sizes

"I was using gmail for years and as my businesses scaled, support became unmanageable. Transitioning to HelpDesk brought order to chaos and made things efficient."

Shane Watson

Easy Deliveries

"All the features you need and none you don’t. The simplicity of the tool, helped us become more productive and our customer satisfaction rates skyrocketed"

Shane Watson

Easy Deliveries

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