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Smart Segments

Define rules that make your work easy. Assign customers to different segments and create workflows visually.  New leads are automatically segmented using AI. There is so much you can automate with just a few clicks. 

Boost Conversions

Be at the right time at the right place. Emails, Push Notifications and other reach outs are sent out when a user is highly likely to interact with it. These are smartly determined by our AI based on previous user interactions

Connects with all your apps

Integrations for all popular ecommerce platforms and SaaS apps are built in. Never miss an opportunity to intercept a customer interaction and sell even you are asleep. 

True multi-channel reach

Customers of today's world switch between various channels & devices. Be it an email or a push notification or an SMS or a notifcation on your website, reach out to customers whereever they are. 

See what people are saying

We just couldn't have scaled to thousands of customers in a matter of weeks without this tool. The AI they use is invisible but is really smart. Truly makes a difference to the way you work.

VP of Marketing Pied Piper

“All the features you need and none you don’t. The simplicity of the tool, helped us become more productive and our customer satisfaction rates skyrocketed” 

COO Hooli

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