A Multicap fund that aims to generate wealth while mitigating risk

Handpicked portfolio of 30-40 MOAT stocks of companies that are stable and show great future prospects. NFO Closes on 10th Feb 2020.

Investing beyond the ordinary

From the house of Growern comes a another fund that has been crafted by our experts using AI based analysis and prediction models.

This is an open-ended multicap equity scheme that invests selectively across small cap, mid cap, and large cap stocks.

The funds objective is to help you generate long term capital appreciation by picking companies that have MOAT and show great future earnings potential.

Why Invest in Growern Multicap Fund?


GROWERN is a diversified equity fund and we invest in companies across market capitalisation. Never put all your eggs in the same basket.

Risk Mitigation

We invest only in companies that have great track record and a strong MOAT and when the market is too volatile, we will switch to debt.

Terrific Returns

Our multi-cap fund aims to provide greater long-term returns than the average rate of inflation. A track record of 13.9% over 10 years speaks for itself.


As an open ended fund you can take your money out at any time. No lock ins and No exit load. However we recommend staying in for the long term.




Average ROI



Assets Managed

Seasoned Fund Manager

Growern saw its inception on 20th December 2008 and has since been churning out success stories for our investors.

Over the past few years, we have aimed at investing in stocks that are at inflection point. Experience has taught us to follow a certain strategy that optimize on high returns.

Our fund manager, Mr Jake Patricks has over 20 years of experience in the world of financial markets and has been successfully managing funds at GROWERN.

A wealthier future begins here

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"A monthly investment of $100 can yield $442,567 in 30 years"

*based on an avg return of 13% p.a