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 Unmatched Benefits

High Life Cover

Help protect your family from life’s uncertainties. Our plans offer high coverage for affordable monthly premiums. 

Disability Protection

Continue the policy without paying premiums, if you meet with an untoward accident that disables you.

Terminal Illness Cover

Get 50% of your coverage as early payout, if you are diagnosed with one of the 34 critical illnesses. 

Cover your Spouse

A joint protection plan, that covers your spouse as well. One policy, twice the protection for your kids.

Top-up Cover

You can start small and still increase your coverage as you age, by using the top up feature at key milestones of your life.

Monthly Payout Option

Your family will receive death benefits as monthly income spread across 60 months with an interest of 6% pa

Limited Pay

Pay only till 60 and save 68% on premium

Max Coverage

The only policy that covers you up to 99 years

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In case of untimely death, accident or terminal illness, the insured amount is paid to your nominee within 30 days. 

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